My name is Alexis Macklin and I am currently a senior journalism student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I will be graduating in May with both my bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in mass communication. I am interested in pursuing a career in visual communications and marketing, and has a vast variety of skills learned through courses and work experience.

The last year, I have been immersed with virtual reality content. My recent experiences with Greenlight VR and ASU’s New Media Innovation Lab in the past three months have solidified my interest in the industry. Earlier this month, I helped Greenlight VR prepare for their 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit including graphic design, blog posts and a summary report about the conference. A blog post I wrote could be found here. I am also currently helping lead a virtual reality project about the conflicts on the US-Mexico border. This involves a game-like 3D platform created in Unity and 360-video clips and a straight 360-video documentary to accompany the piece. I shot, edited and stitched the 360-video content together and helped plan the organization of the story. I also helped create the world in Unity. The project will be released at the end of April to early May.

I also learned a lot about marketing through my internship with Arizona Science Center. I worked on a team of two for the majority of my experience there, which allowed me to gain more responsibilities on the team and even lead some projects. I took on the main responsibility of running the social media accounts and creating creative content including photography, videography, infographics and blog posts. I was also given responsibilities of creating marketing plans, press releases, newsletters, media injuries and designing and organize the website. My eagerness to do more helped me tremendously to become an equal to the marketing specialist on the team and highly trusted by the marketing manager.